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Increased manoeuvrability for your pallet truck
Does your company have problems with a cramped warehouse or loading dock? Struggling to efficiently use your pallet truck?

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Mount a Turn@bout manoeuvrability adapter to your pallet truck and watch it track through your warehouse like an extension of your arm. The usual turning radius of a pallet truck now becomes the turning diameter – that’s a massive 72% increase in manoeuvrability and efficiency! No more heavy lifting, kicking, or wrestling the pallet truck into position. The truck easily pivots and rotates into the required position and the time saved through quicker handling and goods processing results in a fast return on investment. At the same time you will get less damaged goods, save usable space in a cramped warehouse and protect your employees from work related back pains and injuries.

Watch below to see how much easier it is to use a pallet truck fitted with the Turn@bout adapter.


The unit is designed to retro-fit most major pallet trucks and is easily installed with the most basic of tools - a measuring-tape, a pen and a drilling-machine. Installation takes only a couple of minutes and will save your company hours!

Main Benefits:

- Free up usable space in your warehouse by requiring less turning room for your pallet trucks
- Protect your employees’ health and reduce work related injuries/sick leave
- Prevents damaged goods through mishandling and frustration
- Save time – both for you and your customers!
- Gain the benefit from easier and quicker handling and goods processing
- Quick return on investment

General Agent for Turn@bout
Bohena AB, Marsvägen 6, SE-177 61 Järfälla, Sweden, Phone +46 702 61 21 27